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Who is the Retreat For?

This is for sole business owners who may find it strange to hold an annual meeting since they are the only participant

Why Should You Attend?

When small business owners decide to hold an annual meeting, they may face challenges in determining what should be done during the meeting. Some of these challenges may include:

Being unaware of the legal or regulatory requirements for holding an annual meeting.

  • Being too busy with the daily operations of their business and do not have time to plan and prepare for a meeting.
  • Not seeing the value or benefit of having a meeting and thinking it’s a waste of time and money.
  • Not having clear goals or objectives for their business and do not know what to discuss or decide in a meeting.
  • Not having a way to document or follow up on the outcomes or action points of the meeting and do not hold themselves or others accountable.
  • Not having a diverse or balanced team of people who can contribute different perspectives and insights to the meeting, especially solopreneurs!

What Can You Expect?

We will create an environment where participants can focus on:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Address compliance requirements
  • Engage in general business discussions

We will facilitate:-

Annual Retreat Meeting

Group activities

cover general topics that are relevant to all participants, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience.

Breakout sessions

provide individuals with the opportunity to work on specific assignments or tasks independently, ensuring privacy when necessary.

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Retreat Details


3 Days - Thursday afternoon to Monday morning (Sunday is a free day)


2.5 Days of processing and exploring time


San Diego


Allow participants to break patterns, think about high-level strategies, and set a good course for the upcoming year.

Price Point:

  •  Maintenance Plan Clients - $2,000
  • Other Clients - $3,000
  • Early bird discounts: $500 for those who sign up by [DATE]

What’s Included?

For the meeting, we will provide:

  • Location
  • Agenda
  • Templates and Resources*

*Will help participants document their decisions and considerations during the meeting. Our goal is to ensure that participants have proper documentation, including meeting minutes, in case of any future inquiries from the IRS.

Travel & Accommodations

  • EnteTravel and accommodations are the responsibility of the business owner.
  • One guest can be invited at no charge (resources and printed materials are provided for paid participants only).

We hope you’ll join us at our Annual Business Owners Retreat! It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow business owners, gain valuable insights, and set yourself up for success in the upcoming year.