Sole Prop?  S-Corp?  C-Corp?  LLC?  Partnership?

Wondering what’s the right business structure for your small business?

  • To keep your taxes low?
  • To help you avoid fines and penalties?
  • To reduce your paperwork?
  • To protect your personal finances from legal danger?
  • To allow for the operational flexibility you need?
  • To match your retirement goals and exit strategy?
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Bottom Line: Choosing the wrong structure for your business can be painfully expensive.

And changing your structure once you’ve decided on one, can be just as painful and time-consuming (and expensive).

You need to get this decision right the first time.

That’s why I’ve created the Business Structure Brainstorm for just $249.

My Promise: By the end of our session, you’ll have a thorough understanding of why one particular business structure makes more sense for you and your goals than all the others.

I’ll answer all your tax questions, refer you to an attorney to answer your legal questions, and you’ll feel 100% confident in your decision.

Or the session is free.

It’s your no-risk route to one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make.

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What Else? Get Accounting Tips for Your New Business!

If you show up to your meeting organized and prepared, you may also get some advice on:

  • What types of business expenses are likely to be deductible on your taxes.
  • Bookkeeping software options for when you’re starting out.
  • A strategy to make sure that you will have the financial information you need to prepare an accurate tax return next year.
  • Referrals for payroll, bookkeepers, attorneys, business insurance, and financial advisors.
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