More than 
a tax return.

We provide the advice, coaching, and accountability that our clients need to make meaningful progress towards their business and financial goals.

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Advisory Focused

We take a continuos strategic look at your situation to find small changes that can have big results.

Tax Planning

We help you understand what the strategies are and what the specific attack plan and options are for your unique situation.

Tax Preparation

The tax return is the finish line of implementing the advice and strategies so you benefit from them on your tax return.

Entity Structuring

How you structure your business can unlock strategies to help you reach your financial goals. 

We help small business owners identify and implement tax strategies that allow them to have more control over more resources so they can make life better for themselves, their families and their community.

We believe…

The world works best when we each focus on what we are designed to do.

We want you to spend more time doing the things you are good at, knowing you have us on your team to handle the tax and strategy side of your business.

If all we do is focus on filing a tax return, we miss out on opportunities for people to make small changes that can have big results. We are looking to be professionally curious and take a strategic look at your unique business situation. Depending on your goals and priorities, we will match you up with the right strategy to get you to your goals as quickly as possible.

“I want to make a lasting impact with the work I’m doing. My goal is to lay the groundwork that allows us to help you identify and implement the ideas that really move the needle in a significant way for you and your business. When we work with small businesses we can see the impact of our work on our community.” – Joshua Jordan

About Joshua

“Since working with Josh I’ve doubled my annual revenue and have strategic plans in place to reach my personal and professional goals. Excellent advice and timely with responses to questions! I highly recommend Joshua A Jordan if you’re looking for a CPA who cares about your small business.” Jill H.


Getting Started with Our New Business Clients

We look at your situation throughout the year so we can make changes before it’s too late.

Entity structure planning for your goals.

Audit proofing your records.

Tax strategy planning to free up your cash quickly.

Profit planning: 

Helping you understand how the taxes work so you know what you will pay ahead of time to avoid surprises.

Fringe benefit planning.

which business tax return

Implementing tax strategies so you keep more of the money that your business brings in.

Tax preparedness: We look at your situation before the year is over so we can make changes before it’s too late.

Tax checkins throughout the year to identify new changes, strategies and update projections for your business.

Tax return completion.

Tax walk throughs so you can understand the key drivers of your tax situation for the year and ideas for the future.

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Meet Our Team

Joshua Jordan, CPA

Kelli, Tax Preparer

Jodi, Admininstrator

About Our Team

We are no longer working from our Bend office. Please do not attempt to visit us at the office.

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