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We want you to spend more time doing the things you are good at, knowing you have us on your team to handle the tax side and strategy side of your business.

-Joshua Jordan

Meet The Team

Welcome! We will be here to help you unlock strategies to help you reach your business and financial goals.

Joshua jordan, CPA







CPA and entrepreneur. I spend as much time as possible looking at high level strategies and figuring out how to get the most impact for the least amount of time and money spent. I ask questions like: What are the leverage points that are worth going after? How can we look around the corner into the future and make a choice that will position our clients better so they have a better result?

I love small businesses and want to see them succeed!

My practice is focused on helping individuals and small business owners make good decisions about their taxes, without getting bogged down in trivial details. I want to make an impact with the work I’m doing. When we work with small businesses we can see the impact of our work.

More About Joshua

  • I’m licensed as a CPA in both California and Oregon, and work with clients in both states.
  • I received my business degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Go Mustangs!).
  • Kellianne, my wife, is a family and branding photographer. We have two sons, Caleb and Noah, and they are both awesome in their own unique ways.
  • I work diligently and efficiently and I don’t joke about accounting, so it often surprises people to discover that I actually do have a sense of humor.
  • Any fleeting moments of personal time are likely to be spent on a bicycle, preparing for a criterium or cyclocross race.
  • I’m curious about how things work, so I really like reading and learning new things.
  • Sometimes people make fun of me for drinking coffee that comes in really small cups.
  • You will often find me sketching with my son Noah in my free time.

Some people wonder why I chose to be a CPA.

I chose this line of work because I want to help small businesses make better tax and financial decisions and help them avoid the booby traps that are out there. 

My goal is to help you focus on your business and figure out if it is a good idea or not without getting blown up by bad accounting.

I chose this line of work because I want to help small businesses make better tax and financial decisions and help them avoid the booby traps that are out there. 

I started my career at a growing company where I did a lot of repair on their accounting systems. I built them a foundation that gave them real numbers so they could make decisions based on the actual situation and not how they felt the business was going. There are growing pains when going from a couple million dollars in revenue to 10 million in revenue and I helped them navigate through.

As someone who grew up with a CPA dad, I was introduced to this industry at a young age. I enjoyed watching my dad build his business. My connection with family owned small businesses is why I choose to work with small businesses today.

I’ve always liked using my analytical strengths to solve business problems. Now, I like to bring my tax and accounting background and expertise to small businesses throughout California and Oregon.


Jodi is our admin and Josh’s assistant. She helps coordinate scheduling, answers questions about how things work and what you need to do, as long it does not require an accountant to weigh in. She will be collecting signatures, making sure things get filed, sending out tax returns and making sure all the projects keep moving along.

Jodi is our newest team member, with a background in customer service, office management, and executive assistant roles. 

With previous experience working in a tax practice, she’s well equipped to take the reins and is looking forward to getting to know our clients as we prepare for the upcoming tax season.

Hobbies include reading, photography, and taking classes just for the enjoyment of learning something new.


There’s been a trend recently for tax season to get more and more compressed due to last-minute tax law changes and certain information statements (mostly from brokerage accounts) being sent out later and later. That makes it pretty challenging to keep up with all the document intake and organization.

We brought on Ali during tax season this year to help us track down and organize all the various tax documents that are needed to prepare quality tax returns, and we’ve got plans to apply her skills to additional projects going forward.

When she’s not assisting assistants who are helping tax-accountants focus on doing tax-accountant things, Ali enjoys hiking, stand up paddle boarding, snowboarding, camping, and cooking up meals for her family and friends.

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