Pictures of Joshua Jordan, a CPA in Bend, Oregon.

Joshua A. Jordan, CPA – About

My name is Joshua Jordan and I love small businesses and want to see them succeed. My practice is focused on helping individuals and small business owners make good decisions about their taxes, without getting bogged down in trivial details.

I like using my analytical strengths to solve business problems. I’m licensed as a CPA in both California and Oregon, and work with clients in both states.

I received my business degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Go Mustangs!).

Kelli, my wife, is a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer. We have two young sons, Caleb and Noah, and they are both awesome in their own unique ways.

We attend church at Antioch in Bend, and I volunteer with Bend Young Life as the treasurer.

I work diligently and efficiently and I don’t joke about accounting, so it often surprises people to discover that I actually do have a sense of humor.

Any fleeting moments of personal time are likely to be spent on a bicycle. I’m currently plotting out how to be ready for cyclocross nationals in Tacoma, WA in December, despite the fact that I’m very much a beginner and am also recovering from a broken back (note to self: update this section after cx season).

I’m curious about how things work, so I really like reading and learning new things.

Sometimes people make fun of me for drinking coffee that comes in really small cups.