The world works best
when we each focus on
what we are designed to do.

We want you to spend more time doing the things you are good at, knowing you have us on your team to handle the tax side and strategy side of your business.

Meet Our Team

CPA and entrepreneur. I spend as much time as possible looking at high level strategies and figuring out how to get the most impact for the least amount of effort and money spent.

What are the leverage points that are worth going after? How can we look around the corner into the future and make a choice that will position our clients better so they have a better result? These are the questions I answer.

Kelli is our tax preparer and specializes in tax compliance. She will reach out to you if there is any information missing when it comes to actually preparing your taxes. She will do the initial prep work for most of the tax returns for our clients before Josh reviews them. Occasionally she will deliver some of the advisory best practices and a few other specific advisory straggles and special projects. If I identify a strategy that applies to a group of my clients, she may reach out to you to go through the idea with you and see if you want to learn more.

Jodi is our admin and Josh’s assistant. She helps coordinate scheduling, answers questions about how things work and what you need to do, as long it does require an accountant to weigh in. She will be collecting signatures, making sure things get filed, sending out tax returns and making sure all the projects keep moving along.

We are no longer working from our Bend office. Please do not attempt to visit us at the office.

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