Why do I need the advisory package?

If all we do is focus on filing a tax return, we miss out on opportunities for people to make small changes that can have big results. We are looking to be professionally curious and take a strategic look at each clients situation. Then depending on your goals and priorities we will match you up with the right strategy to get you there as quickly as possible. We take a continuos strategic look at your situation to find small changes that can have big results.

How much does it cost?

We do things different than your average CPA. The tax return is not the end goal. The tax return is the finish line of implementing the advice and making sure the strategies that we are putting in place get carried through and reported correctly so the client can benefit from them on their tax return. The cost depends on the complexity and a variety of factors. We can’t throw out a price without knowing what is involved.

What type of business should I be?

Every new client that we take on, who has some sort of business or business activity, we condense down years of education, continuing education and business experience into a bootcamp of knowledge transfer to teach you what you need to know to make a good choice on your entity structure and to successfully implement that to get you the tax benefits you are going for. Instead of you having to go to business school and get a tax education, we can help you!

Can you just prepare my taxes?

For new clients, no. We want to make a bigger impact on our world and just preparing your taxes without the advisory part of our services does not allow us to help you in a bigger way. We look at our clients individual situation and understand your goals and priorities to help you reach your goal through our advice and strategies.

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